#DignidadLiteraria Calls Flatiron Books’ Hiring of Nadxieli Nieto as Editor-at-Large a ‘Solid Step in the Right Direction’

Apr 9, 2020
9:14 PM

On Thursday, Flatiron Books, the publishers of American Dirt (yeah, you know, that book that was caused an uproar before a global pandemic happened) announced that Nadxieli Nieto was named editor-at-large. In response, #DignidadLiteraria organizers shared the following media release on Thursday night:

OAKLAND –– “We are encouraged with the announcement that Nadxieli Nieto has been hired by Flatiron Books as editor-at-large. Nieto was one of the names we submitted to Macmillan USA in our February 20th follow-up letter to our history-making meeting with the publishing giant. Given her stellar track record of advocating for and publishing Latinx voices, along with writers from other communities of color, we feel confident that Nieto can help Flatiron achieve the equity for Latinx authors and editors that Macmillan committed to in February 2020.”

“As we are all grappling with the coronavirus epidemic, writers and culture-makers are experiencing increased challenges and why we must keep demanding equity for Latinx writers and other writers of color in publishing. Macmillan USA/Flatiron Books is moving in the right direction and Big Publishing needs to do the same by hiring more Latinx staff and substantially expanding the number of published Latinx authors.”

“#DignidadLiteraria will continue to engage with Macmillan USA/Flatiron Books throughout the next month, keeping the Latinx community and its allies informed of any significant developments or setbacks. At the end of the agreed-to 90-day period, #DignidadLiteraria plans to meet with Macmillan’s leadership to formally bring closure to this phase of our discussions.”

— Myriam Gurba, Roberto Lovato, David Bowles, and Matt Nelson, with support from Presente.org

About Nadxieli Nieto: Aside from being a poet and author in her own right, Nieto has a solid career as an editor of literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, and art books. Most recently, she has worked as series co-editor for Catapult Story and as a board member for Latinx in Publishing. Nadxieli is the editor of several award-winning anthologies. She was previously the Program Director for Literary Awards at PEN America, Managing Editor of the award-winning literary fiction annual NOON, and Associate Editor at Visual Arts Press.


Presente.org is the nation’s largest online Latinx organizing group, advancing social justice with technology, media, and culture.

#DignidadLiteraria is a network of committed Latinx authors formed to combat the invisibility of Latinx authors, editors and executives in the U.S. publishing industry and the dearth of Latinx literature on the shelves of America’s bookstores and libraries. #DignidadLiteraria believes in the social and political power of wholly authentic Latinx voices and that it is the duty of the publishing industry and literati to use their full power and privilege to elevate these voices.