Olmeca’s ‘THE MESSAGE’ and the Pride of Biculturalism

May 1, 2020
3:45 PM

Olmeca just dropped his latest track “The Message,” which hit all streaming platforms on Friday. The newest single speaks about finding strength in one’s privilege of growing up binational and bilingual. The music video renders the Latinx communities in Las Vegas and features immigrant rights activist Paloma Guerrero, Las Vegas cultural ambassadors Arturo Cecena and Coco Jenkins and Cuban Circus Soleil dancer Indria Cueto.

“Latinx folks should claim they are from here and from there. As opposed to not from here nor there. We should see our growing up in two cultures as an asset and not a deficit. While many ‘keep it 100’ we have the ability to ‘keep it 200,’ Olmeca said.

But how do you achieve that? And why is it so important to stay true to who you are? Olmeca offers a unifying message, “We don’t give half of who we are to fit into mainstream America. Rather, we walk with both [cultures] and enrich things around us. It is a privilege to be able to grow up with two —sometimes more— languages. It’s a privilege to understand two worlds and be the bridges that can bring people together. This isn’t only true in Latinx culture, but many first generation people whose homes carry the traditions of their native lands.”

The new song is off his groundbreaking album DEFINE. Olmeca goes beyond race and politics and creates an album that is unapologetically urban Latinx. Olmeca explains the title, “DEFINE is not only a cognate word, but it ultimately depicts through music and lyrics who we are. I’m not about to allow the Trump era to depict who we are as a people. Instead, I created an album that does it for us.”

And in case you missed it, check out Olmeca’s Latino Rebels Facebook takeover below: