No Coughs Allowed: Artist La Bruja Remixes ‘Copacabana’ Into Humorous Coronavirus PSA

May 8, 2020
10:15 AM

“They say it started way out in China/but is that really true?/What you believe is up to you/you know how racists do,” sings La Bruja in her latest video where she’s taking on the coronavirus with humor. Caridad de la Luz, known simply as La Bruja, is a Nuyorican poet, writer and activist known for her powerful words, while adding a musical element to her poems, capturing her audience with a combination of sound and truth bombs.

In the song “Corona Cabana,” La Bruja dresses up in full Carmen Miranda gear, complete with an array of fruits in her head, and lets us know the deal on the coronavirus pandemic that has put the world on pause. It is a spin on Barry Manilow’s classic “Copacabana” but this time from a Boricua ready to take on all stereotypes.

In the music video, she also dances next to a skeleton, and gives a shout out to the staple Latino remedy: Vicks Vapor Rub—which does not cure coronavirus but celebrates this abuelita-approved product.