RAICES Texas Releases New Documentary Podcast ‘Homeland Insecurity’

May 28, 2020
1:00 PM

Image of the ‘Homeland Security’ Podcast

On Wednesday RAICES Texas released a new documentary podcast called ‘Homeland Insecurity.’ The new podcasts explores the roots of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and how an agency created to protect us from terrorism has instead been weaponized against immigrants.

Tracing it from 9/11 right up until today, this is a story about how fear changed America. The podcast will take you behind the scenes of how the DHS has grown over the years.

Host Erika Andiola, a leader of the undocumented youth movement and the RAICES Chief of Advocacy, was inspired by a question she asked herself: “How did I, and immigrants like me, become the enemy?”

In this eight-part series, the first half explores the unwritten history of DHS, and chasing the imaginary threat that terrorism comes up through the southern border to justify a pattern of injustice and cruelty towards immigrants—families separated at the border, a near-total ban on asylum, and culminating in the government’s utter disregard for the lives of detained immigrants who are locked up during a global health pandemic.

The podcast creators wanted to highlight a history that’s often overlooked and believe it’s important to understand it during a time the government is using today’s crisis to further target immigrants.

All episodes are available on the show’s main site or wherever you get your podcasts.

The first episode is below: