Dominicans Use Hashtag #PeroNoSomosRacistas to Call Out Myths About Discrimination

Jun 1, 2020
2:24 PM

Over the weekend, as #BlackLivesMatter protests increased across the United States demanding an end to police brutality, in the Dominican Republic, Twitter users used the moment to reflect on racism within the country with the hashtag #PeroNoSomosRacistas (“But we are not racists”). The hashtag is meant to be ironic, taking on the myth of a post-racial society often touted by many across the globe whenever the issue of racism comes up. The hashtag confronts this by citing clear examples of antiblack racism.

One of the earlier tweets was by Yohanan Nuñez, a popular Dominican scientist who busts myths tied to nature—this weekend he took the time to bust another kind of myth.

The hashtag eventually became the #1 trend in the country as others joined in, using examples of day-to-day discrimination, as well as systemic racism.

The hashtag was a sobering moment of openly discussing antiblackness, an issue within the predominantly-black country that is perpetuated by a history of oppression—and by the elite. Just last year, a woman was fired from the country‘s Ministry of Education when she launched a campaign in support of natural afro-textured hair. About a week after the incident, women across the country started an online campaign posing with their natural hair and showing their black pride. These are just some of many ongoing examples of how Dominicans within the country and across the globe are shifting the narratives around race.

Over this past weekend, some of the messages were about calling out racism while also celebrating la negritud.

The tweets sent a powerful message during a time when black communities are demanding justice: las vidas negras importan.


Amanda Alcántara is the Digital Media Editor at Futuro Media. She tweets from @YoSoy_Amanda.