Eva Longoria Clarifies Dismissive Comments About Black Women Voters in MSNBC Segment

Nov 9, 2020
9:37 AM

On Sunday night, actor and Democratic political activist Eva Longoria issued a statement on Twitter for comments she made on MSNBC about the 2020 vote that many saw as dismissive about the role of Black women. The clip in question is this one, when Longoria was talking about Latina voters in the 2020 election and their role:

At one point, she said the following: “The women of color showed up in big ways. Of course, you saw in Georgia what Black women have done but Latina women were the real heroines here, beating men in turnout in every state and voting Biden-Harris at an average rate of close to 3 to 1. And that wasn’t surprising to us.” Longoria, who has long been involved in Democratic causes and is now part of a Latina-led She She Puede coalition, then proceeded to explain why Latinas showed up to the polls, a theme we have been exploring for the last few weeks. However, the remarks about Black women became the focus—for valid reasons too.

The comments had Longoria trending on Twitter with a slew of tweets criticizing her for what was dismissive and bringing up a uncalled for competition that will only seek to divide marginalized communities.

The response was so intense that within hours, Longoria was issuing tweets and statements to clarify her remarks.

Later, she issued another longer statement:

One of the voices critical of what Longoria said was Rosa Clemente, a prominent Black Puerto Rican woman and leader who said she connected with Longoria and the She Se Puede team.

Comments to Latino Rebels also echoed many of the points that Clemente added:

Still others claimed that Longoria was very clear in what she said on MSNBC:

To which we say this:

Because in the end, if we are to believe the national exit polls, Black women led the charge. Punto.