Our Next Journey Starts Now, and We Are So Thankful to You

Nov 25, 2020
2:51 PM

We are taking the holiday break to socially distance and begin to work on the next iteration of Latino Rebels Radio, thanks to backing from Warner Media’s OneFifty.

Earlier this year, we created live versions of our award-winning podcast. The creative process for the show was one of the most satisfying experiences of our last nine years here at Latino Rebels.


Now we have this amazing opportunity to create something that can take us to the next phase of Latino Rebels. Starting on Friday, our team will be working to come up with new ideas for segments. We also want to take the time to ask you as well. Feel free to tweet at us @latinorebels, message us on Instagram or on Facebook. You can also add your comments below or email us.

Stay safe. Be thankful. And we will see you all after the break.