Anything for La Reina

Dec 17, 2020
9:58 AM
Originally published at Audioboom

As Netflix’s SELENA: THE SERIES continues to elicit both praise and critique, Latino Rebels Radio host Julio Ricardo Varela welcomes WBUR’s María Elena García, host and creator of the new ANYTHING FOR SELENA podcast that will premiere in January. The podcast is a collaboration between WBUR and Futuro Studios, the original programming division of Futuro Media. (Latino Rebels is also a part of Futuro Media).

In this interview, María breaks down what she likes about the Netflix series, where it felt short and how her own Selena podcast tries to dig deeper into the legacy of a Latina icon.

Featured art by Iliana Galvez, courtesy of WBUR and Futuro Studios

This episode was produced by Harsha Nahata.
Music courtesy of Nacional Records and La Plebe.
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