New ‘Undocumented Under COVID’ Paid Ad Campaign Demands Citizenship for All

Feb 4, 2021
5:13 PM

A new “Undocumented Under COVID” paid digital ad campaign launched this week from immigrant rights group United We Dream is calling on “President Biden and Congressional to prioritize a pathway to citizenship for the over 11 million undocumented people living in the United States” a release about the campaign noted.

The series includes six full-length videos and 19 digital ads. According to United We Dream, the ads will run on platforms like Hulu and Pandora as well as online on local and national news outlets like CNN and NBC. The videos and ads will “highlight the additional challenges undocumented people have faced under COVID-19,” the release said.

“As COVID-19 continues to devastate communities across the country, claiming over 445,000 lives, Black and Brown immigrants have been disproportionately impacted,” the release added. “All this while undocumented people have been excluded from critical pandemic relief and recovery efforts on both the federal and local levels. The ad campaign is part of United We Dream’s Undeniable campaign and asks the viewer to make a call to President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer demanding they include a pathway to citizenship for immigrants in the COVID relief package.”

Here are the six videos:

Idalia’s Story

Felipa’s Story

Leidy’s Story

Margarita’s Story

Olimpia’s Story

Viktor’s Story

“The reality is that COVID-19 has made life more dire for immigrant communities. Undocumented people have missed out on critical aid like survival checks, while still being subjected to the cruelty of detention, deportation and even death at the hands of ICE and CBP. That is why American recovery from COVID-19 is directly tied to the moral imperative to prioritize a pathway to citizenship for all,” said Juanita Monsalve, Senior Marketing and Creative Director of United We Dream.