Breaking Up a Family

Apr 8, 2021
5:37 PM
Originally published at Audioboom

This week on Latino Rebels Radio, we present an episode from Season 3 of the On Spec podcast, which aired originally on March 20, 2021.

Since the elections in Brazil that brought Jair Bolsonaro to power, Brazilian journalists Giovana Fleck and Carol Grune have been hearing politicians insult women, threaten them with rape, and try to take away their rights as women. For Carol, the polarized politics of Brazil led to a breakup with her father. Giovana helps Carol tell her story as the father and daughter quarantine together in Porto Alegre. Carol and her parents are on different sides of the feminist debate in Brazil, and they hash out their political differences, realizing the divisions are really about their own identities.

On Spec provides unpredictable deep dives in international news through storytelling from places like Brazil to Hong Kong to Malawi. Reporters on the ground will transport you with an intimate, personal look at what’s going on in their communities.

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Special thanks to sound engineer Craig Billmeier.
Art courtesy of On Spec.