MEET LA PRENSA: Eric Garcia on Latinos for Trump, Mexican-American Political Power and His New Book on Autism

Apr 12, 2021
9:32 PM

From March 24

We asked Eric Garcia —writer for Washington Post Magazine, The Week, and other outlets— about his latest stories, including Trump, My Dad and the Rightward Shift of Latino Men and The Mexican American political moment is here. Eric’s new book, We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation, will be released later this summer.

From April 6

Eric Garcia provides our first news-of-the-day analysis on MEET la PRENSA, talking about Ivan’s favorite topic: West Virginia senator Joe Manchin’s outsized policy might in the 117th Congress. We also discussed Democrats’ chances in the midterm election and Ron DeSantis’ next steps (Hint: Eric says the Florida governor is the candidate to beat in the 2024 GOP primary for president of the United States). 

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