A Message From Latin America News Dispatch on the Graduate Student Workers Strike at NYU

May 3, 2021
12:30 PM

Dear subscriber:

We want to take a moment to give you an important message about the newsletter.

Over the past year, New York University has been negotiating a contract with its graduate workers, represented by the Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC) of the United Auto Workers (UAW) local 2110, which includes Latin America News Dispatch (LAND) editors and writers.

During 10 months of negotiations, GSOC brought many proposals to the table, including some related to a living wage, affordable health care, better protections for international and immigrant student workers, and support for working parents. The union also showed a willingness to be flexible and accept reasonable counter-proposals from the university.

But throughout those 10 months, NYU has stalled negotiations by rejecting the majority of the union’s proposals without offering meaningful counter-proposals and refusing to hold negotiations sessions for weeks on end.

In response to the university’s stonewalling, the union decided to hold a vote to authorize a strike, and an overwhelming 96.4% of those who participated voted yes.

Because NYU continued to refuse to negotiate in good faith, the deadline of April 26 arrived with no contract, and graduate workers began a work stoppage.

So unfortunately, we will not be sending out the newsletter or publishing new articles on the website until NYU agrees to a fair contract.

We appreciate your loyalty during this time, and we hope that the strike will be over as soon as possible so we can get back to providing you with important news about Latin America.

To learn more about the strike and how you can support, visit makingabetternyu.org.


LAND staff