House Committee on Natural Resources Announces Another Hearing on Puerto Rico’s Status Bills

Jun 9, 2021
3:28 PM

A woman waves the flag of Puerto Rico during a news conference on Puerto Rican statehood on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 2, 2021. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Two months after an initial April 14 House Committee on Natural Resources hearing, another hearing on legislation focused on Puerto Rico’s political status will be held next week on June 16, according to a Wednesday media release from committee chair Raúl M. Grijalva (D-AZ) today announced a June 16 hearing on legislation focused on Puerto Rico’s political status.

The release noted that the June 16 hearing “will more deeply examine the implications of passing each of the bills.”

The two bills being addressed are the Puerto Rico Statehood Admissions Act (H.R. 1522) and the Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act (H.R. 2070).

“Grijalva intended to hold the hearing after the Department of Justice released its formal analysis of both bills’ constitutionality and consistency with fundamental U.S. laws. That analysis, which has yet to be issued, will inform members’ approach to the hearing should it be publicized before June 16.” the release noted.

“Congress needs to keep moving forward on this because Puerto Rico can’t stay in limbo any longer,” Grijalva said in the release. “The future of millions of Puerto Ricans shouldn’t be a political football. This Committee takes its responsibility to address this issue seriously, and we’re going to hear from experts on how best to proceed before we take any final steps.”

Just like the April hearing, the June 16 hearing “will include expert witness testimony on the implications of passing each bill,” the release noted but did not mention who the witnesses will be.

The hearing will be live-streamed.