The War on Cuba (EPISODE 4)

Nov 5, 2021
1:34 PM

After a powerful first season, Belly of the Beast’s The War on Cuba series is back with three new episodes.

In the first episode, which aired on Friday, Cuban journalist Liz Oliva Fernández looks into the mysterious case of the “Havana Syndrome” in 2017, in which U.S. diplomatic personnel in Havana reported hearing strange sounds and experiencing related health issues. The incidents led to the closing of the U.S. Embassy in the Cuban capital by the Trump administration, only a few years after former Pres. Obama re-established diplomatic relations with the communist island nation.

Fernández talks to scientists who show that the “sonic attacks” didn’t come from the Cuban government, as the U.S. media and leaders in Washington claim.

The War on Cuba is a documentary series focused on the crippling effects of the U.S. embargo against Cuba and the interests driving U.S. policy toward its third closest neighbor. The series won a One World Media Award in the Popular Feature category, beating selections by the BBC World Service and Al Jazeera English. It is executive-produced by Oliver Stone and Danny Glover.



Hector Luis Alamo is the Senior Editor at Latino Rebels and hosts the Latin[ish] podcast. Twitter: @HectorLuisAlamo