VIDEO: On the Christie’s Auction of Taíno Artifacts

Nov 19, 2021
10:32 AM

The auctioning of Taíno artifacts at Christie’s in Paris has led to a firestorm on social media, as Puerto Ricans and Taíno descendants call on the auction house to return items they believe were stolen and rightly belong to the people of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican activist and educator Constanza Eliana Chinea speaks with Reniel Rodríguez Ramos, professor of anthropology at the University of Puerto Rico, Taíno linguist Priscilla Colon of Casa Areyto, Taíno descendant Jesenia Lee, and activist and educator Dean Huertas on the history and ethics of such sales.


Constanza Eliana Chinea is a Puerto Rican activist and educator whose work focuses on anti-racism and decolonization. Instagram: @eliana.chinea