The War on Cuba (EPISODE 6)

Nov 23, 2021
1:28 PM

In Episode 6 of “The War on Cuba,” Liz Oliva Fernández exposes the striking disconnect between U.S. policy and Cuba’s reality. Liz reveals the absurdity of Biden’s offers to “help” the Cuban people with donations of vaccines, Internet access and remittances that bypass local financial institutions. She shows how Biden, pandering to Cuban-American hardliners in Miami, has abandoned his promise to reinitiate the Obama-era policy of engagement with Cuba. Liz also reports on the crackdown against protesters and contextualizes both repression in Cuba and the U.S. government’s supposed concern for human rights abuses in the region.



“The War on Cuba” is a documentary series focused on the crippling effects of the U.S. embargo against Cuba and the interests driving U.S. policy toward its third closest neighbor. The series won a One World Media Award in the Popular Feature category, beating selections by the BBC World Service and Al Jazeera English. It is executive-produced by Oliver Stone and Danny Glover.