Bago Briefs: CBD

Dec 19, 2022
3:19 PM

In this episode of #BagoBriefs, Juan tries to find ways to make CBD more acceptable. He visits his friend and unofficial expert Jaime Fernandez for some advice. After meeting with Jaime, Juan and his friend Neocepio try to sell CBD Vapor to gauge the community’s interest. Finally, after getting a ticket, Juan heads to Washington Heights to test out some products and find out if CBD is acceptable.

Director: Anthony Palmini
Writers: Michael Diaz, Jaime Fernandez and Anthony Palmini
Producers: Anthony Palmini, Michael Diaz
Executive Producers: Julio Ricardo Varela, Michael Diaz
Cast: Michael Diaz, Jaime Fernandez, Jonathan Mendoza Jerry Diaz, John B. Rodriguez

#Parody #Comedy #LatinoRebels