Latino Rebels Announces Two New Versions of Late-Night Projects: BAGO BRIEFS and WAJ INVADES AMERICA

Dec 19, 2022
2:51 PM

Digital media outlet Latino Rebels announced on Monday the online premiere of two new versions of late-night projects it is developing with support from WarnerMedia/150.

Starting December 19 and available on all Latino Rebels networks (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok), a new season of BAGO BRIEFS from Michael Diaz will roll out six new episodes daily until December 24. On December 27, WAJ INVADES AMERICA with Wajahat Ali will feature two full-length interview episodes on all the same LR channels, one with 2022 Pulitzer Winner and Futuro Media founder Maria Hinojosa, and the other with Dr. Christina Greer, Associate Professor of Political Science at Fordham University.

“I am thrilled to bring these two fun, creative and provocative shows into the digital space,” said Latino Rebels founder and Futuro Media president Julio Ricardo Varela, who is the lead executive producer for both of the projects. “When I was approached by 150 two years to think of ways to experiment and expand Latino Rebels’ OG voice in this space, I instantly thought of two areas that have always appealed to me: late-night shows and smart commentary. After our first round of projects, we decided to identify two shows that we felt, with the right vision and production support, could take us in different and exciting new directions. We landed on BAGO BRIEFS and WAJ INVADES AMERICA. The two teams behind these projects should be proud of our work in 2022.”


After the initial success of his LABELX digital short, actor/producer Michael Diaz —known to all in the Latino digital and comedy space as Juan Bago— worked with his team to create six new episodes from Washington Heights that focus on issues that don’t get discussed that much in underrepresented communities.

“I loved doing the ‘Bago Briefs’ series since it allowed us to do man-on-the-street content with the community. Anytime I can use my goofy comedy, work with my friends and meet new characters, it’s a win-win,” Diaz said. “I want to thank Julio, Latino Rebels, and WarnerMedia/150 for this opportunity.”

After the CBD series premieres Monday on Latino Rebels, Bago Briefs will tackle the following topics: Crypto, Yoga, the Metaverse, Crystals and Keto.

“We talked about some serious topics but in a light-hearted way. I hope this series can provoke some conversations,” Diaz added. “Some of the best comedies you can’t script. Some of the best characters you can’t manufacture. Washington Heights offered both.”

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What started as THIS WEEK IN WHITE JOURNALISM has now become a more robust WAJ INVADES AMERICA interview show with Wajahat Ali as host, co-creator and co-executive producer. The Daily Beast columnist, public speaker, recovering attorney, and tired dad of three cute kids takes his wit to the interview chair, as he heads up honest conversations that provide necessary media alternatives to what has become a whitewashed and corporate industry.

“I’m not invading America on a caravan with fellow people of color who allegedly come from s-hole countries, but I’m excited to host a show produced by Latino Rebels and Futuro Media that discusses America from the point of view of people who are often sidelined, marginalized, and forgotten—you know, the majority!” Ali said.

The first episode with Hinojosa as guest will premiere on December 27, and the second episode with Greer will premiere on December 29.

“Our conversations are real, blunt, honest, funny, and raw. This is how we talk on Whats App conversations and behind closed doors. We don’t mince words. We call out racism, fascism, misogyny, and lactose intolerance—all the harsh realities that most of us must face. We don’t sugarcoat, whitewash, water down, or mince our words to soothe anyone’s economic anxiety. We call it all out here but with a smile and a sense of humor. Come join our party,” Ali added.

WAJ INVADES AMERICA will make you think with interviews that last for way more than five minutes and humanize some of the country’s top journalists and thinkers, while also entertaining you and making you laugh thanks to segments like “This Week in White Journalism” (yes, it hasn’t gone away) or “Dear Waj” (crowdsourced advice that only Waj can give).

“What I loved about working on WAJ INVADES AMERICA is the honesty and time given to discuss the matters that impact myself and my community here in the United States,” said series director and co-executive producer Andrés Vázquez. “Our narratives are often erased if not written over by mainstream white ideology and xenophobia, but Waj and his invited guests wrestle away the pen to skillfully express the words and history that speak to our experience.”
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