List of ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Protests Scheduled Across the Country

May 30, 2023
5:48 PM

Photo courtesy of the Latino Content Creators For Immigrant Justice Coalition

Florida’s recent anti-immigrant legislation signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis prompted Latinos across the country, together with Black, Indigenous, and other allies, to come together in protest of anti-immigrant laws passed in various states.

On June 1, a general strike among Latinos and their allies dubbed “Un Día Sin Inmigrantes” (A Day Without Immigrants) is scheduled to take place in cities across the country.

Latino truckers have been supporting the protests alongside their boycott of Florida. In solidarity with immigrant workers, other truckers from various backgrounds and ethnicities have also shown their support.

While many argue over the potential economic impact on the state by the boycott, immigrants hope to be heard on the issues regarding their human rights.

The backlash to Florida’s anti-immigrant law, in addition to the state’s anti-LGBTQ laws and its stance against the teaching of Black history, has prompted organizations such as the League of Latin American Citizens, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and Equality Florida, a gay rights advocacy group, to issue travel warnings for Florida for Latinos, Black people, and the LGBTQ community—forming another hit to the state’s economy as many have canceled their vacation plans to the Sunshine State.

As the protests against oppressive laws grow, organizers are asking workers across the country to stay home on Thursday, June 1, if they don’t want to or can’t attend the protests. Many Latinos are reportedly preparing to take a four-day weekend to echo a large protest that occurred over Memorial Day weekend.

An organization that advocates for migrant workers’ rights, WeCount!, organized a protest in Homestead, Florida that had a turnout of 3,000 people, according to the group. Organizers of the June 1 protests hope to see a similar turnout across the country on Thursday.

Organizers are also asking that attendees bring trash bags to leave the areas cleaner than they found them as well as anything they may need to get through the day. The goal is to minimize what xenophobes can say about the immigrant community. Organizers are imploring participants to avoid damaging property or causing trouble.

Below is a list of scheduled June 1 peaceful protests that have been shared on social media.


Los Angeles: Placita Olvera
Santa Ana: Memorial Park


Denver: State Capitol


Pierson: Saint Peter’s Catholic Church San Jose Mission
Jacksonville: Drew Park
Vero Beach: Riverside Park
Immokalee: Fiesta Parking Lot
Tampa: Al Lopez Park
Orlando: State Rep. Carolina Amesty’s Office


Chicago: Union Park


St. Paul: State Capitol

South Carolina

Charleston: City Hall


Houston: City Hall
Fort Worth: La Gran Plaza


Arturo Domínquez is a first-generation Cuban American, anti-racist, journalist, and the publisher of The Antagonist magazine. Twitter: @ExtremeArturo