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How I Made It: Chicano Batman (A Latino USA Podcast)

We catch up with Arévalo and Arenas to learn more about how they broke away from the Latino label and how they’ve reinvented themselves on their latest album while staying true to themselves.

  • Sep 29, 2020
  • 11:09 AM

Latino USA Presents: Estrella, Revisited

Maria Hinojosa and Estrella’s weekly phone calls have continued and their friendship has flourished. In this episode, we pick up the story of Estrella, and all that has happened to her since she’s been incarcerated.

  • Sep 25, 2020
  • 11:11 AM

‘Hatemonger’: Author Jean Guerrero On Stephen Miller (A Latino USA Podcast)

On this episode of Latino USA, Jean Guerrero joins Maria Hinojosa to discuss Miller’s California roots, the mentors who shaped his ideology and career as a young man, and his lasting impact on the U.S. immigration system.

  • Sep 18, 2020
  • 2:57 PM

Latino USA and Weekend Edition Present: A Conversation With Maria Hinojosa And Lulu Garcia-Navarro

September 15 marks the launch of Maria Hinojosa’s new book, “Once I Was You: A Memoir of Love and Hate in a Torn America.”

  • Sep 15, 2020
  • 5:09 PM

Latino USA and Black Public Media Present: Alzheimer’s In Color

In this intimate portrait, journalist Yvonne Latty takes us through her and her mother’s Alzheimer’s journey, and the value of memories in keeping those we love alive.

  • Sep 11, 2020
  • 2:28 PM

How I Made It: A Trip To Sesame Street With Rosita (A Latino USA Podcast)

In this installment of Latino USA’s How I Made It series, Osbahr and Rosita discuss their journeys to Sesame Street and revisit their greatest adventures after almost 30 seasons on the friendliest block on television.

  • Sep 8, 2020
  • 1:43 PM

Latino USA Presents: The Migrant Student Club

Across the country, over 300,000 students migrate for work in agriculture and the students face extraordinary odds, both in academia and their social life.

  • Aug 18, 2020
  • 4:57 PM

Reporter’s Notebook: Puerto Ricans Living In The Center Of The COVID-19 Outbreak (A Latino USA Podcast)

A recent investigation by the Puerto Rico-based Center for Investigative Journalism found that stateside Puerto Rican communities are concentrated in areas that have seen some of the highest rates of infection and death by COVID-19.

  • Aug 14, 2020
  • 1:58 PM

How the Family Members of Meat Plant Workers in Nebraska Became Advocates Amid Pandemic (VIDEO)

A short video from the Food & Environment Reporting Network on the story of “The Children of Smithfield.”

  • Aug 13, 2020
  • 4:24 PM

Latino USA Presents: The Children Of Smithfield

Last March, while the country grappled with stay-at-home orders, meatpacking plants across the nation quickly became invisible hotspots for the coronavirus.

  • Aug 11, 2020
  • 3:34 PM

Latino USA Presents: After The Mississippi Raids

Latino USA’s Maria Hinojosa and Miguel Macias traveled to the heart of Mississippi to hear about the long term effects of the largest immigration raid in U.S. history.

  • Aug 7, 2020
  • 1:07 PM

Latino USA Presents: Alice Bag And A Quinceañera Reimagined

In this episode of Latino USA’s “How I Made It” series, Alice Bag looks back at her own growth as an artist, reflecting on how she came to be the fearless musician and feminist she is today.

  • Aug 4, 2020
  • 5:14 PM

Remembering A Giant Of Chicano Literature: Rudolfo Anaya (A Latino USA Segment)

Latino USA re-airs a conversation between Maria Hinojosa and Ruldolfo Anaya from 2012.

  • Aug 3, 2020
  • 4:05 PM

How I Made It: Kichwa Hatari (A Latino USA Podcast)

In this segment of Latino USA‘s “How I Made It” series, Charlie Uruchima shares his journey with his ancestral language and how through Kichwa Hatari—Charlie and his team build solidarity that defies borders.

  • Jul 28, 2020
  • 1:09 PM

Portrait Of: Anthony Ramos (A Latino USA Podcast)

Latino USA sat down with Anthony a few weeks ago to discuss growing up in Brooklyn, how mentorship has played an important role in his career, and finding himself in “the room where it happens.”

  • Jul 24, 2020
  • 1:11 PM

Allyship And #BlackLivesMatter: A Conversation Across Cultures (A Latino USA Podcast)

YR Media and Latino USA bring you a discussion with four young adults from all racial backgrounds to discuss what it means to be an effective ally in the fight to end anti-Blackness.

  • Jul 21, 2020
  • 3:47 PM

Latino USA Presents: In The Bronx, A Progressive Battleground

While absentee ballots are still being counted, Ritchie Torres is now poised to become the first openly LGBTQ, Afro-Latino member of Congress.

  • Jul 17, 2020
  • 1:10 PM

Omar Jimenez: On Air And Under Arrest (A Latino USA Podcast)

In this episode of Latino USA, Maria Hinojosa speaks to CNN journalist Omar Jimenez about his path into journalism and what was running through his mind while he was getting arrested while reporting live.

  • Jul 10, 2020
  • 4:30 PM

Portrait Of: Arca (A Latino USA Podcast)

In this edition of Latino USA’s “Portrait Of” series, Maria Hinojosa talks with Arca from her home in Barcelona about growing up in Venezuela, her philosophies around music, and about finding herself as a trans woman.

  • Jul 7, 2020
  • 4:17 PM

How I Made It: Partying All Day With ‘Body Hack’ (A Latino USA Segment)

In this Latino USA segment, organizer Oscar Diaz tells us how Body Hack became an international, all-day virtual extravaganza that embodies a world where trans and queer communities can thrive.

  • Jun 29, 2020
  • 4:55 PM

Latino USA Presents: How Brazil Became The Epicenter Of COVID-19

In this episode of Latino USA, we explore why one of the largest economies in the world has failed to combat the pandemic.

  • Jun 26, 2020
  • 4:11 PM

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