Mexico Migrant Camp Tents Torched Across Border From Texas

About two dozen makeshift tents were set ablaze and destroyed at a migrant camp across the border from Texas this week, witnesses said Friday, a sign of the extreme risk that comes with being stuck in Mexico as the Biden administration increasingly relies on that country to host people fleeing poverty and violence.

  • Apr 24, 2023
  • 10:34 AM

US State Department Announces More Aid for Venezuelan Migrants

the U.S. Department of State is allocating more than $140 million in additional humanitarian aid and $31 million in development assistance to “respond to the needs of vulnerable Venezuelans in Venezuela, Venezuelan refugees and migrants, and their generous host communities across the region,” according to a press release by Secretary Antony Blinken.

  • Mar 17, 2023
  • 3:57 PM

Mexican President Says His Country Safer Than United States

Mexico’s president claimed Monday that his country is safer than the United States, a week after two U.S. citizens were killed and two kidnapped and later rescued in the border city of Matamoros.

  • Mar 14, 2023
  • 10:33 AM

2 Kidnapped Americans Found Dead in Mexico, 2 Others Alive

Two U.S. citizens missing since their violent abduction last week in the northern Mexican border city of Matamoros have been found dead and two others are alive, the state’s governor said Tuesday.

  • Mar 7, 2023
  • 10:41 AM

4 Americans Kidnapped in Northern Mexico

Four U.S. citizens have been kidnapped after gunmen opened fire on their vehicle in the northern Mexico border city of Matamoros, the FBI said.

  • Mar 6, 2023
  • 10:51 AM

Brownlisted: ‘Las Playas Son del Pueblo!’

A wrap-up of this week’s most important and interesting Latino news and views from around the world and the across the internet.

  • Jan 27, 2023
  • 6:18 PM

Tear-Jerker ‘Radical’ a Sundance Favorite (INTERVIEW)

Latino Rebels speaks with actor and producer Eugenio Derbez, who opened this year’s Sundance Film Festival with ‘Radical,’ which stars Derbez as a middle school teacher in Matamoros who rejects the discipline-based instruction favored by his colleagues.

  • Jan 27, 2023
  • 4:13 PM

12 Latino Films to Watch For at Sundance 2023

Here’s a preview of the Latinx films coming to the Sundance Film Festival this year.

  • Jan 11, 2023
  • 5:45 PM

Biden Toughens Border, Offers Legal Path for 30,000 a Month

President Joe Biden said Thursday the U.S. would immediately begin turning away Cubans, Haitians, and Nicaraguans who cross the border from Mexico illegally. Instead, the U.S. will accept 30,000 people per month from those countries and Venezuela for two years as long as they come legally, have eligible sponsors, and pass background checks.

  • Jan 5, 2023
  • 2:42 PM

Slow Effort to ID San Antonio Migrant Dead; Toll Rises to 53

More than a day after the discovery of a stifling trailer in San Antonio where dozens of migrants died after being abandoned in the sweltering heat, few identities of the victims have been made public, illustrating the challenges authorities face in tracing people who cross borders clandestinely.

  • Jun 29, 2022
  • 2:24 PM

Mexico: Help for US on Migrants ‘Can’t Go On Forever’

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s president again sidestepped questions Thursday about the reinstatement of the U.S. “Remain in Mexico” policy.

  • Aug 26, 2021
  • 9:30 PM

This Is What DHS Secretary Mayorkas Said on Tuesday About Situation at Southwest Border

“We will also not waver in our values and our principles as a Nation. Our goal is a safe, legal, and orderly immigration system that is based on our bedrock priorities: to keep our borders secure, address the plight of children as the law requires, and enable families to be together,” Mayorkas said.

  • Mar 16, 2021
  • 8:51 AM

Biden White House Explains (Again) Migration Policy for Border and Central America

This time it was Ambassador Roberta Jacobson, coordinator for the southern border and a special assistant to President Biden.

  • Mar 10, 2021
  • 8:02 PM

Paraguay Ministers Resign as Calls Grow for President’s Ouster

On Friday, the health minister resigned over the issue, and protests against the lack of medicine and mismanagement turned into riots in Asunción.

  • Mar 8, 2021
  • 2:42 PM

Processing of Asylum Seekers Expands at US-Mexico Border

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The processing of asylum seekers waiting to enter the United States expanded to a third border crossing Friday, even as nongovernmental organizations called for more effort to protect the thousands still in Mexican border cities.

  • Feb 27, 2021
  • 1:50 PM

Asylum Seekers Rush to Register for US Border Processing

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced it would begin processing asylum seekers with registered cases who have been living in a tent encampment on the banks of the Rio Grande in Matamoros, Mexico.

  • Feb 24, 2021
  • 5:12 PM

US Lets in Asylum-Seekers Stuck in Mexico, Ends Trump Policy

SAN DIEGO (AP) — After waiting months and sometimes years in Mexico, people seeking asylum in the United States are being allowed into the country starting Friday as they wait for courts to decide on their cases, unwinding one of the Trump administration’s signature immigration policies that President Joe Biden vowed to end.

  • Feb 19, 2021
  • 1:45 PM

Biden Faces Pressure as US Sets New Course on Immigration

While Biden has taken some major steps in his first weeks in office to reverse Trump’s hardline immigration policies, his administration hasn’t lifted some of the most significant barriers to asylum-seekers.

  • Feb 16, 2021
  • 1:19 PM

Biden Administration to Allow 25,000 Asylum-Seekers Into US

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Biden administration on Friday announced plans for tens of thousands of asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico for their next immigration court hearings to be allowed into the United States while their cases proceed.

  • Feb 12, 2021
  • 8:43 AM

Pop-up School for US Asylum Seekers Thrives Despite Pandemic

MATAMOROS, Mexico (AP) — It started out simply: A pop-up school on a sidewalk to teach reading, writing, math and art to Central American children living in a camp of asylum seekers stuck at America’s doorstep.

  • Dec 1, 2020
  • 5:48 PM

Hundreds of Nicaraguans Barred From Entering Country

About 500 migrants are stuck on the border with Costa Rica, forced into overcrowded camps with little food, shelter and water.

  • Jul 28, 2020
  • 12:32 PM

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