Why Did Police Kill Anthony Nuñez? (VIDEO)

It has been a week of tragedy, from Baton Rogue to Falcon Heights to Dallas. With all these stories dominating the national news, you might have missed this story from San Jose and the death of Anthony Nuñez. According to reports, the 18-year-old Nuñez was armed and suicidal, having already shot himself in the head. After 14 minutes of trying to coax Nuñez to drop the gun, police shot him.

Here is what San Jose police chief Eddie Garcia had to say about the shooting:

Some have taken to Twitter to raise awareness about Nuñez’s death:

Another name being tweeted with Nuñez’s is that of Pedro Villanueva, who was speeding in his car before California Highway Patrol killed him in Fullerton.

Greg Medina
Greg Medina

Aaron Fountain…contrary to your journo-pandering..."immigration" is NOT the concern for ANY Puerto Rican or Cuban I have ever met...EVER! And there are VALID reasons for that.

I have met Puerto Ricans who have occupied every social, economic, academic and cosmic rung on the ladder of human existence...from the poorest to the richest, from the least educated to the most educated, i.e....Surgeon General of the US, Antonia Novello,
...and yet ANOTHER Puerto Rican I am sure YOU never heard of includes the FIRST dean of the College of Engineering at Cornell University in the 1800s!!!
Antonio Esteban Fuertes accomplished his unparalleled achievement without anyone's pity, IN a THIRD language and in a culture so alien to him as could have been imagined in his day...from the tropics to the snow-choked Upstate NY backwoods as he rode his horse and buggy through snow-drifts to reach his students in freezing weather.
and EVEN his VERY son, Luis Agassiz Fuertes, the world-famous ornithologist, water-colorist of birds of the planet accomplished to levels of notable distinction that NO contemporary Puerto Rican on the planet has yet to reach today, despite such "notables" as J-Low (American Idol "judge" and booty-shaker), Rita Moreno (actress who shrieked..."EVERYTHING FREE IN AMERICA" in West Side Story) or Rosie Perez in “She’s Gotta Have It”. OMG!
But we won’t hear of them because "Puerto Rican" TODAY is synonmous with ghetto, druggy, thugger and generic-flunkie...Informed people know THAT is not truw but it most certainly is THE broadly-accepted USMainland fiction that IS promoted by idiots who think that Puerto Rican history began in the Bronx and J-Low's behind is the governor.
FYI...Puerto Ricans had "citizenship" (albeit 3rd class) IMPOSED on us a CENTURY ago. NO Puerto Ricans had to swim under the Caribbean or take a hot air-balloon to get to the Bronx...so "immigration" is NOT and NEVER has been an issue for us.
Secondly, with regard to Cubans and other bonafide "immigrants" from Latin America or anywhere else, who follow the rules (often waiting YEARS!!! to immigrate lawfully), "immigration" will NOT be an issue for them either.
You don't want to hear that because in your generic 1-size-fits-nadie "La Tino" view of the planet, we are all crying ourselves to sleep cowering from "La Migra".
Your generic "La Tino" stupor allows you to tell yourself and others that YOUR precious "narrative" is THE only one...but FACTS and history do not agree with your Barbie Doll mo-ped-sized bumper-sticker analysis of us and it never will.
So keep on pandering the generic and non-existent "La Tino" BS. The only people buying it are "rebels" who get their "La Tino" insights from dancing Chihuahuas hanging out of the Taco Bell drive-up window and from 3rd rate (I'm being generous) "academics" teaching courses in such illustrious academic foci as "Diaspora Fashion Trends" and "La Tino Butt-Tattoo Styles in the California Penile/Penal System"
And BTW...when I was in graduate school, I did volunteer literacy work for five years with Amish people in rural communities and I would NEVER consider myself an expert of their culture, values or mores, unlike you who because you shared a zip-code with some Puerto Ricans in PA, think you know all about us...and it is NOT because I am "oblivious" to them, it is because I am not so arrogant as to profess that I am an expert on them.
Glad you find my posts entertaining, my purpose is to inform the un-informed and educate the un-educated and to correct the faux "narratives" about us that are full of cliches, caricatures and cartoons reinforced by Hollow-Wood and by generic "La Tino" putos in the US, who will NEVER speak to my experience from their generic "La Tino" politically-over-corrected perch spewing their ignorant "narratives" out of their a-holes.
Now go read some verifiable and valid historical sources about the VERY different, distinct and dare I say it DIVERSE "La Tino" groups...we are NOT interchangeable clones of each other...our histories, social, cultural, racial demographics, political histories and our sense of self have told us that for FIVE centuries and no matter of contorted, convoluted and confused La Tino "narratives" will ever erase that!
And if you don't believe me, then go to Argentina and tell them they are exactly the same as Guatemala and then go to Uruguay and tell them they are exactly the same as Mexico. But don't wait too long for their response. It might come on the tip of their steel-toe'd boots aimed at your butt.
Good luck in your generic "La Tino" journeys.


Other lives loss unjustifiably and my heart goes out to the families of these two young brothers. It is not right and we must start to trust one another, stand together, and fight against the evils that try to deny us the right to exist as GOD ordered. Let's pray for one another. Amen!!