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Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have questions about our site or our company. We do love to get email, although it might take us a few days to respond. Sorry if we don’t respond promptly, since our days get a bit busy with deadlines and other company commitments. is a web property of Latino Rebels, LLC, a private company registered in Delaware (File #4972019). Latino Rebels LLC became an official LLC on April 21, 2011, although our founder Julio Ricardo Varela has been developing independent content since 2008 under

Our ideas for Latino Rebels came from watching way too many Daily Show episodes, being on social media way too long, listening to too much punk music and devouring the biographies of Zapata, Martí, Albizu, Menchú and so many other Latino Rebels from Latin American history. After the success of, Julio decided to invite a group of Rebeldes who shared the same vision. This link names some of the Original Rebeldes.

Latino Rebels LLC is 100% owned by Julio Ricardo Varela (@julito77 on Twitter), however it is run by many people. The Latino Rebels are a collective of social media influentials, bloggers, journalists, poets, writers, producers, photographers, and business professionals. We all have day jobs and we run this site collectively. The vast majority of our pieces are written collectively by us after we talk about them, share them, and pitch them to ourselves. We also take pitches from our community. No one else tells us what to write about. We are not in any special partnerships with companies or organizations. We are us, and us alone.

We use humor, commentary, opinions, independent stories, cross-links to others blogs, and our social media platforms to share our universe. We do this for the love of the game and to elevate the issues that matter to us and our community. We do compensate contributors, and we don’t make money off this site. Any compensation given to contributors comes from the LLC. Yes, we think paying people is important.

We are a new media site that reflects the world views of about 20 like-minded Rebeldes. We are a site about us. We are independence and mayhem.

We are also one of the thousands of independent Latino sites out there, and we would love to hear from you if you like what you see. We will support any page that shares our vision and our vibe. Also, any of our editorial content can be used or reused, as long as you include attribution to our original link and website.

Again, feel free to email us at: [email protected]


Illegal Pete's owner says he will not change name Intimidation tactics by the "Thought Police" rejected. Thank you Illegal Pete!

Sadly, we have entered a time when hardcore social activists believe they can extort and intimidate those who fail to conform with their way of thinking.

The freedom the think differently is exactly why our nation's founders risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor 238 years ago.

But then, why woul...dn't these self-anointed "Thought Police" believe they could silence a private citizen? They have been effective at silencing the former bastion of free speech in America- the free press - through new standards of journalism enforced by organizations like the Associated Press. (If you don't believe me, try finding the phrase illegal immigrant in any story passed through the AP.) I've spoken to several old time journalists frustrated by these new restrictions on speech. But they know, when they work under the control of corporate media giants, they must follow the dictates or find the door.

It's truly reprehensible to think the "Thought Police," in this instance, is commanded by none other than a professor of English at our publicly funded state university. Most of us remember a time, when language teachers and professors were the ones who championed free speech, not the ones who policed thought.

Together, we can turn around this dangerous war on freedom of thought and freedom of speech. In this instance, it may just start with something as simple as stopping in Old Town for lunch at Illegal Pete's !
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Had never heard of Latin rebels and I know why.  Idiotic piece of non-news.


@FamSol  Quite a bit of significant news is many times ignored, manipulated, or outright hidden from the public in this great country of ours. Just because you don't know about something doesn't make it idiotic, it simply makes you ignorant for failing to find its relevance or irrelevance to you specifically, which is perhaps the reason you never heard of LR. You also make claims that something you read is non-news. It may well be non-news to you, but have you ever thought that there are others out there in this world of ours other than you? To some, perhaps many, what you find to be non-news may very well be extremely newsworthy. A fifteen word post lacking in substance I would probably consider to be imbecilic, but I choose not go down the road of ad hominen attacks, at least not directly. Good luck finding news that matches your superior intellect.