The Rebels Have Arrived!!!!

May 5, 2011
9:01 AM


We are here. We are the Latino Rebels, and we are bringing a “Daily Show vibe” to Latino issues.

Who are we?

The Latino Rebels are a group of committed Latino activists, authors, bloggers, comedians, artists, filmmakers, and social media influentials who use satire, comedy, analysis, video interviews, writings, films, and just plain trouble-making to educate people about the life of the US Latino in the 21st century. Through our content, we will expose those so-called patriots who are quick to use ignorance and hate to spread lies about Latinos living in the United States. We will kill stereotypes with humor, insight, compassion and maybe a loud GRITO DE QUESO. We welcome all input, from the good and the bad. But remember, once you are with the Latino Rebels, the ride will be a bumpy one. ¡ORALE! ¡WEPA! ¡COÑO!