No Mames, @gortonsseafood: Gorton’s en Español Site #Fails

Feb 16, 2012
7:34 AM

UPDATE, 9:48 EST: Gorton's made the edit! Good for them, now if they can only fix the bad translations, punctuation errors, and awful "ethnic marketing" crap.

We got this one from Mi blog es tu blog, and we are so happy that Laura shared this with us.

Looks like Gorton's has launched a Spanish site, since you know how us Latinos are so different and are thirsting for "Latino" content that speaks to us. But, memo to Gorton's and you agency, you MIGHT want to add an accent to "Mamas" as soon as you can. "Mamás" means "moms," but "mamas" means "you suck," as in "you suck it"  or "you suck our boobies or our pipis."

Is this a seafood site or a porn site? That might actually be interesting.