The Inaugural #NoMames Awards Reflect What is So Bad About “Latino” Products and Brands

Feb 16, 2012
2:26 PM

Why do we love social media? Because we get a day like today, which started when our friend Laura from Mi blog es tu blog shared a link about Gortons en español and their lack of accents on key words in their advertising. Earlier this morning, Gorton's had uploaded this image to their site:

Their lack of a serious Spanish language editor caused the campaign to fail from the get-go. Our boss @julito77 let Gorton's know and they were very appreciative of their error and added the accent to mamás. Still, this campaign and other Latino-theme ideas are missing the point. They are treating Latino consumers are a separate special group, and lack the authenticity that speaks to customers. Instead, you get American brands trying REALLY HARD to be more Latino, when in fact they are failing.

As a result, we decided to go for it and start the #NoMames hashtag. What does #NoMames represent? A desire by a very complex, educated and socially mobile community of consumers that are using humor and satire to express their strong displeasure to how brands are trying to capitalize on US Latino craze. The purpose of this hashtag is to educate and expose through community-generated content that will address what is a very important issue for us: HOW TO EFFECTIVELY AND AUTHENTICALLY COMMUNICATE TO LATINO CONSUMERS.

So, here we go. Here is the INAUGURAL #NOMAMES AWARDS, as submitted by our AMAZING community members:

Nick T. submitted this photo and said: ‎#NoMames "authentic hispanic cheese blend"


Rachel D. said: "Ok.. I am not sure what "Spanish Pie " is exactly.. But I might be it. #NoMames"


Flor M. said: “New Wave Authentic Mexican Food in Britain” NO MAMES!


Garrick B. said: "Here out West, Goya markets habichuelas coloradas as "frijoles colorados"

in an attempt to corner the Mexican market. Needless to say, hardly any Latin groceries carry them. #NoMames

@Lo. sent us this us via Twitter. Show us your ChiChis!!!!


Ela M. said: "I found these in England a while back. Good to know I'm BBQ flavor."


Ela M. submitted another one and said, "Mexi-Snax are also on the #nomames list for me!

Like I was wandering around the store confused, worried I'd never find a snack…and then there they were!"


Alexandra M-L. said: "The Latino Soda aisle at H-E-B supermarket. #nomames"


Loren A-R. says: "Hey guys! To Rimmel we are all a nice shade of hot pink.

This is the name of one of their lipsticks." (Note the category)


Matt B submits this and just says: "#nomames"

(There is definitely a feeling that some US Latino customers

aren't buying the BIG BRAND culture and see this as fluff.

That is a problem, we think.)


Enne G submitted this one: "Not sure if it is latin themed, but at the korean store yesterday

I bought some fried chicken flavored snacks because the pic of the chicken is cute. kikiriki chicken snacks"


Alexandra M-L. submitted another one from a Walgreens in San Antonio:

"At least the "Latino" soda aisle at H-E-B featured Jarritos and Peñafiel, but this one mystifies me.

What makes Pepsi and Big Red so Hispanic?"



And ever the travieso, Matt B submits this one as well and just says: "#nomames" 

(What is the rationale for this one?)

If you want to submit a photo for #NoMames, add it in the comments below or just post it on our Facebook page or tweet it to us on Twitter.