Readers Continue to Submit More #NoMames Product Images

Feb 18, 2012
6:09 PM

Well, on Thursday, the first batch of #NoMames awards were handed out, and our community continues to share more candidates. Here is the second batch of products that just make us say #NoMames.


Anything that says Old El Paso just makes us sad. #NoMames


No, Hallmark, not qué funny at all #NoMames


Because we Latinos like to have different cereals for breakfast. WTF? #NoMames


Puto is fine in the Philippines, but when you stock it in a US supermarket in Texas, OOPS #NoMames


Películas para ventanas makes NO SENSE in Spanish. It is not a Movie for Windows? #NoMames


Chi-Chi's for EVERYONE!!!! #NoMames


Because we Latinos like to switch languages immediately and can't understand full English #NoMames