On CNN, Luis Fortuño Answers VP Questions and Says GOP Has Done a “Good Job” With Latino Voters

Mar 14, 2012
12:10 AM

The Luis Fortuño GOP VP Campaign made an appearance on CNN tonight, and the pro-statehood and Republican governor of Puerto Rico said two very telling things tonight when he spoke with Wolf Blitzer. (Sidenote to Wolf: Fortuño is not "popular." Do your homework about the Governor and about Puerto Ricans in general.)

  1. The GOP is doing a "good job" in courting the US Latino vote, although it could do better.
  2. He gave a very diplomatic non-answer about being considered for the party's vice presidential slot. 

Now that our jaws are off the ground (yes, this is the same Fortuño whose campaign is playing Lee Atwater politics on the island during his run for re-election, while his campaign denies the reality that Puerto Rico is the next Greece), we share this video from CNN: