Even After Troop 11 “Immigration Patch” Was Resolved Positively, Other Outlets Refuse to Run Full Story

Apr 8, 2012
10:48 AM

Ever since we published our March 27 story about a Milwaukee Boy Scout troop that had issues with an unauthorized "immigrants fleeing" patch, we were the only outlet in the world to actually report the whole entire story. Last Monday, April 2, a very positive meeting between troop leaders, troop members, parents, and other community members occurred. Yet, outlets like the HuffPost, The Blaze, The Daily Mail, Human Events, and KSEE 24 in the California Central Valley, have just reported part of the story. Why? Why just share half the story with people, when in fact, a good positive outcome came out of this?

We have sent every outlet that has covered this story the first-hand account of the Monday meeting, and no one has yet to publish that information. We were also contacted by a FOX NEWS producer on Friday morning asking if us if they could use a screen grab of our site with the original "immigrants fleeing" patch and credit out page. We said yes, but we also told them that we were just about to publish an account of the April 2 meeting. The FOX NEWS producer was interested to learn about the meeting, so we sent her the link on Friday afternoon. As of this morning, we have not heard if FOX NEWS will now run the story on their channel. We don't know the reason why it is not on the air yet, and we will give FOX NEWS the benefit of doubt for now.

In the meantime, when outlets don't told the whole side of the story, they are just being irresponsible journalists. For example, Human Events ran the story yesterday (by attributing KSEE 24, which attributed out original story), but so far, as of this morning, there has been no mention of the April 2 meeting. Instead, the Human Events page gets comments like these:

SCREEN GRAB: http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=50717#comment-491534325

It is interesting to note that the Commenting policy of Human Events asks that people "treat each other with respect." Maybe Human Events should practice what they preach. Yes, people, here is just another example of how you have to go to the original source of a story because once a story gets filtered and cross-linked and it begins to reach two or three levels, the story gets clouded. And we will never progress as a country.

SCREEN GRAB: http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=50717