REBELS EXCLUSIVE: Boy Scouts of America Says That Border Crossing Scout Patch Is Unauthorized

Mar 27, 2012
10:15 PM

On Monday we received the following image from our Twitter feed, and we were told that the patch was used by Boy Scouts from Milwaukee's Troop 11:


We contacted the Boy Scouts of America and received the following emails from the Boy Scouts national leadership. Here is the first email:

The National Council, Boy Scouts of America, had nothing to do with the production of this image, and as such, is not part of the Advancement program for our youth. I have copied Stephen Medlicott, Group Director, Marketing Group, in this communication for an official statement.

Thank you.

Frank Ramirez |  Program Specialist


Council Operations/Program Impact/Advancement

Mr. Ramirez forwarded our email to Mr. Medlicott, and Mr. Medlicott emailed us the following reply:

This patch is not a part of the Boy Scouts of America and in no way does it represent Scouting’s values.  Unfortunately such “mock,” unauthorized badges show up from time and to time from non-BSA sources, and we appreciate your help in communicating that they not associated with the movement.


Stephen Medlicott  

We are now working to find out exactly where this patch came from and if it was indeed given to Boy Scouts. Once we have more details we will share. 

UPDATE: We are now getting confirmation from Troop 11 that the patches in question were produced and made by Troop 11. They were not handed out by US Border Patrol. The confusion lies is that the name of the troop is called Border and the troop uses Patrol after it, but Troop 11 has yet to clarify why the immigration border crossing image was used, since it is the image that is in question.