From Our Readers: The Best Pro-Immigration Songs Ever Recorded, Part Two

May 5, 2013
12:28 PM

So yesterday we shared our readers’ first answers to the question, “What Is the Best Pro-Immigration Song Ever Recorded?” The response to that list was so positive that it lead to this post. Yes, we get even more suggestions, and here they are. Feel free to share your own suggestions.


Rage Against the Machine’s “People of the Sun”

Juan Luis Guerra and 440’s “Buscando visa para un sueño”

Bob Marley’s “Exodus”

Los Tigres del Norte’s “Tres veces mojado”

Willie Nelson’s “Living in the Promised Land”

Outernational’s “Todos Somos Ilegales / We Are All Illegals”

Maldita Vecindad’s and Los Hijos del 5to Patio’s “Mojado”

Banda Bostik’s “Viajero”

Taboo’s “One Heart One Beat”