Mexican Congresswoman: Gays Can’t Be Married…They Can’t Look at Each Other During Sex

Aug 19, 2013
3:23 PM

This in from Latin Times:


Ana María Jiménez Ortiz, congresswoman for the Mexican political party PAN, cited a scientific study that has caused waves amongst the gay community fighting for equal rights. Her exposition was done during the “Matrimonio Igualitario en Puebla” panel that took place last week in support of marriage equality.

“A marriage should only be considered amongst people that can look at each other in the eye while having sexual intercourse,” Jiménez Ortiz said. “Something that does not happen in homosexual couples.”

Ana María was citing Mark Regnerus study conducted at the University of Texas, which also goes on to say that children adopted by gay couples have a tendency to become an adult that is closer to drugs and depression. The congresswoman was then heavily criticized on Twitter for what she said and subsequently made her account private.

The Latin Times story has been picked up by several English outlets, such as Mediaite and Gay Star News.