¡Happy Guayabera Güensday!

Oct 22, 2013
10:16 PM

Happy Wednesday, or as we like to say around Latino Rebels HQ: ¡Happy #GuayaberaGüensday!


Pitched to us by Original Rebelde Rodrigo Sanchez-Chavarria, Guayabera Güensday is a stylish cultural twist on the average American nod to the middle day of the workweek. Guayabera Güensday encourages everyone to get over the weekly hump in style by rocking and wearing their favorite alforza-decorated linen shirt. That’s how we roll.

In honor of our Guayabera Güensday, here are a few fun facts about the ever-stylish, always cool, guayabera:

  • The origins of the guayabera have never been verified, but rumor has it that the style originated in the Philippines and made its way to Cuba by way of Mexico, or vice versa—the shirts made their debut in Mexico, and made their way to the Philippines via Cuba.
  • No matter where they originated, guyaberas are worn all over the world, including in South and Central America, the Caribbean, and even in some parts of Africa.
  • Legend has it that the guayabera got its name from a Cuban seamstress who sewed a large patch pocket to the front of her husband’s linen shirt so that he could carry una guayaba in it! Get it? Guayaba—guayabera? See?
  • The guayabera is sometimes also known as a Mexican wedding shirt.
  • In the Dominican Republic, a guayabera is called a chacabana.
  • In 2010, Cuba declared the guayabera shirt to be its “official formal dress garment.”

So, there you go. Celebrate Guayabera Güensday with us by sharing pics of yourself güearing your guayabera. You can tweet them to us @latinorebels, share them on our Facebook page, tag them to our Tumblr or Instagram, or just post a comment below.

By the way, people are already sharing. Here’s the fist batch of pictures. Yeah, we have a Storify for it already. Also, dear Twitter, fix your hashtags so it accounts for letters like “ü.”