White House’s Hispandering Heritage Month Proclamation Addresses Immigration (What a Surprise)

Sep 12, 2014
7:41 PM

You would think that the White House can ease up a bit right now when it comes to dealing with U.S. Latino voters, especially after last weekend’s announcement by President Obama to delay immigration relief because (and there is no other way to put this) Democrats are just afraid of Republicans right now. But such is politics, and what better way to calm the frustrations and anger of many U.S. Latino voters with a proclamation for Hispandering (sorry, Hispanic) Heritage Month celebrating the accomplishments of U.S. Latinos, right? Because, the White House wouldn’t think to rub a little more salt in the wound, right?



It started promising…

In these accomplishments, we recognize that when we lift up the Hispanic community, we strengthen our Nation; when we create more ladders of opportunity, we provide the chance for all Americans to reach their greatest potential. My Administration is committed to supporting and fighting for policies that help Hispanics succeed. We are investing in programs that better prepare students and workers for today’s economy, continuing to address disparities in health care, and pushing initiatives that grow our middle class.

Then it transitioned to this:

Reforming our immigration system remains crucial for our economic future. When workers educated in America are unable to stay and innovate here, we are deprived of their full contributions, and when immigrants have to labor in the shadows, they often earn unfair wages and their families and our economy suffer. That is why I continue to call on the Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform, and why I am determined to address our broken immigration system through executive action in a way that is sustainable and effective, and within the confines of the law.

After that, it concluded:

America has always drawn its strength from the contributions of a diverse people. Throughout our Nation, Hispanics are advancing our economy, improving our communities, and bettering our country. During National Hispanic Heritage Month, let us renew our commitment to ensuring ours remains a society where the talents and potential of all its members can be fully realized.

Interestingly enough, the editors in us feel that immigration paragraph just came out of nowhere. As if it HAD to be inserted to quell the anger. In fact, it wasn’t really needed in such a flowery proclamation. Yet, it “went there” and at a time when we were starting to get over last weekend’s news and beginning to look at it more rationally (BTW, many were pissed), this proclamation gets released tonight. It doesn’t have to always be about immigration (just as we were about to drink some vodka margaritas), and the White House should be wise to not bang that constant message right now. Voters are feeling a bit fragile and used.

Hispanic Heritage Month, 2014: White House Proclamation

Why does it no longer surprise us? It’s like the White House knows U.S. Latinos have no other alternative.

Pass us some more spicy non-dairy creamer, please.