The Greatest TV Show Monologue About Latin@ Stereotypes You Have Never Seen (VIDEO)

Sep 16, 2014
7:55 AM

We got the following video from a loyal Latino Rebels Facebook fan, along with this text: “In honor of Hispandering month are any of you old enough to remember this scene from Hill Street Blues with René Enríquez where he laid the smack down?”

This scene needs no explanation. Watch.

Now for all of you who weren’t even born when “Hill Street Blues” was on TV, the late René Enríquez played Lieut. Ray Calletano on the show from 1981–1987. Enríquez, born in Granada, Nicaragua, died of cancer in 1990.

Yes, the same issues presented in a monologue from three decades ago are still with us. It is safe to safe that Lieut. Ray Calletano would still be pissed if he only knew.