When Sororities Go Racist, Part Six: Cal State Fullerton Sanctions Alpha Delta Pi for ‘Taco Tuesday’ Recruiting Event

Sep 16, 2014
1:18 PM

You would think by now, sororities and fraternities would just stop with hosting dumb events in racist costumes, but apparently not. This weekend, Cal State Fullerton’s Daily Titan reported the following:


Cal State Fullerton sorority Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi), Zeta Alpha chapter is facing serious sanctions following a culturally inappropriate “Taco Tuesday” recruitment event last month.

On Aug. 19, the sorority held the event as part of its recruitment week training, according to the university’s administrative review. Ninety-three percent of the sorority members attended the event, and of those, 90 percent came in costume.

Some members were dressed in culturally insensitive attire, which included sarapes, sombreros and in some cases, gang costumes, said Tonantzin Oseguera, Dean of students.

Since a large majority of the members took part in the event, the chapter as a whole is being held responsible, despite the fact that the sorority did not request its members wear costumes, Oseguera said.

“In the end, we have concluded that the women were responsible for the event, that it’s definitely grossly inappropriate, and we’ve awarded a list of sanctions that they have to complete,” Oseguera said.

As a result, following an investigation from the dean of students’ division of student affairs, ADPi will face multiple sanctions, including a disciplinary probation that extends through Dec. 31, 2015.

Unlike other more infamous moments, the Cal State Fullerton sorority was wise enough to not advertise any images of the event. And if they did, no one can find them. So far. You can read more here. ADPi’s national leadership also issued a statement pretty much agreeing with Cal State Fullerton.

Here is an official document from Cal State Fullerton.

ADPi Sanctions