EXCLUSIVE: Watch House Republicans’ 2014 ‘Hispanic Heritage Month’ Video

Sep 17, 2014
8:49 AM

Last year, House Republicans published the following video at the beginning of Hispandering (sorry, Hispanic) Heritage Month:

You remember late 2013, right? When the GOP-controlled House was preparing immigration reform principles that were released this past January? Guess they needed to do a YouTube video for their “Latino outreach.” You know, soften the message from 2012, The Year of Self-Deportation. As a follow up to that 2013 video, here is what the House Republicans have produced this year, in 2014:



Pretty powerful, huh? We wonder why there was a video last year, but none this year? Could it be (call us crazy) that in just months, the House GOP went from producing immigration reform principles to this? Latinos don’t really matter. Yeah, that could be it.

By the way, this is the official statement from the GOP for this year’s HHM. Paragraph three comes from nowhere. And we wonder if fellow GOPers like Steve King and Jeff Sessions will celebrate the “warmth, richness, and diversity of the Hispanic community”, too, or are they and other neo-nativists too busy vilifying Latinos in this country?

“During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize the significant contributions of Americans of Hispanic descent to our great nation. Hispanics, throughout our nation’s history, have influenced and excelled in diverse fields and professions including business, law, politics, education, the arts, and the military,” said Chairman Reince Priebus. “We join Americans across the country to celebrate these accomplishments that help shape our rich American culture.

“The desire to achieve the American Dream and leave a stronger America for our children and grandchildren is something Republicans and Hispanics hold dear. That’s why the RNC is in Hispanic communities across the country communicating our shared values of faith, freedom, and opportunity for all. On the ground, we are building lasting relationships with Hispanics and listening to their cares and concerns. In Washington, Republicans are fighting for pro-growth policies that will help empower Hispanic individuals and families to unleash their full potential.

“Throughout this week we also wish a happy independence celebration to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Chile.”

“Each year, this month-long celebration provides an opportunity for all to commemorate the warmth, richness, and diversity of the Hispanic community,” said Co-Chairman Sharon Day. “During this time we also reaffirm our shared commitment to building a stronger, more vibrant economy that opens doors of opportunity for everyone.”

Your lame-ass Hispandering (and lack of it as well) is noted, GOP.