Ted Cruz’s Latest ‘Amnesty’ Campaign Pits Latinos Against Latinos (VIDEO)

Sep 17, 2014
11:25 AM

Yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz, you know, the guy born in Canada and whose dad broke the law and bribed his way out of Cuba, released the following video:

What is sad to see is how his people use stereotypical images of “bad immigrants” (scaling walls, looking ‘poor,’ being arrested by Border Patrol) and contrasts it with the stock images of “good immigrants” (suburban and safe). It is despicable and it is wrong. Such a presentation insults anyone who works for migrant rights and presents a simplistic picture that is demeaning to U.S. Latinos. Enough is enough, Rafael.

Anyone who can think for themselves would know that no one is talking “amnesty.” But why do facts get in the way of fear-mongering for Canadian Cruz?