Looks Like ‘Shut Down All Ports of Entry’ Event for September 20 Is Still On

Sep 18, 2014
5:54 PM

So a few weeks ago, we reported about a Shut Down All Ports protest. And guess what? It looks like some type of protest will be happening. All you need to do is go to their public Facebook group page, which lists all the group’s organizers and about 1,725 members.


This is what main organizer Stasyi Barth, who lists Murrieta, California as her residence according to her public Facebook profile, wrote Tuesday in the group’s site:

Update: Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I have narrowed the list of ports to focus on, to ensure we can be more effective at the ports that are listed. This list is final. The directions to these ports can be found on the Events tab, at the top of this page, or on the website: shutdownallports.com.

I am locating staging areas, for each port, for all attendees to meet at. I want everyone to know who is going to attend, how many people will be there and if it’s safe to proceed. This is your chance to make the decision to move forward, or not. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE PORT FIRST. The staging areas will be listed on Friday afternoon and the police will be informed as to the location, to ensure your safety.

This event is for you, every patriotic American, to express your grievances in a safe and peaceful way. Yes, some states allow you to carry a firearm and I will not impede on that right. However, please keep it hidden and safely away from others. Your actions will effect [sic] how you and the group are perceived. It is important to stay safe, remain calm and report anyone acting in a violent or hazardous way. Again, be each other’s keeper.

There very well may be a counter protest at the ports. Do not engage them! They will say angry, hateful and vile things; do not respond. They are looking for news coverage that they can point to, proving you are the bad guy. Anything you say can and will be used against you…including the press.

I have spoken with every law enforcement agency that I can think of to find what the possible penalties will be for this action. Mostly, you will find that it is a minor misdemeanor “Pedestrian in the roadway” or, if you don’t move and are forced to move, “Obstruction of a police officer”. Please judge the situation carefully. Know your limits and how far/long you are willing to stick it out. You also have the option of leaving, regroup, and then go back. The options are endless; it’s your choice.

If you have enough vehicles to withstand a full shut down, that’s fantastic! If you don’t, there are a few ways you might be able to avoid getting your vehicle towed. One way is to use a few vehicles to block the road, then get people in place and move the cars out. However, in this scenario, you will be exposed to other vehicles who may want to push through you. Use common sense to see what’s best. Also, from what I’ve been told, law enforcement cannot tow a vehicle, if you are in the vehicle. There is a caveat to this; they may be able to push you to the side of the road and out of traffic. Again, you judge for yourself and make your own call.

Remember to bring whatever you need to withstand the heat and sun, along with American Flags and positive signs of patriotism. A little kindness goes a long way.

Bring a camera and ensure you are filming at all times, if possible. This is for your protection.

I have tried to give you as much information as possible. However, there is no substitute for doing your own research and knowing the area, laws and people involved. Please do not just rely on me for your information. When you get to the staging areas, talk amongst yourselves to figure out the best way to get this accomplished and remain safe.

Please keep me informed as to what is happening at your port, by a pm or text.

Ensure you have read EVERY post regarding this event. Make copies to bring with you, so you can stay on point and easily refer to the Goals. Visit the website and make note of the web address, just in case Facebook suddenly disappears on us.

As far as I know, the last posting from me will be on Friday, regarding the staging areas. If you have any questions, please post them below and I will do the best I can to answer or lead you in the right direction.

Take care. Be safe. Stay aware. Stay calm. Always, be PROUD!

This is your chance to defend your country and stand for what you believe in. Take ownership of your country! If you don’t claim it, someone else will!
May God Bless America and the citizens that stand in defense of her!

Stasyi Barth

Barth’s post shared the following two events. The first one makes reference to “All Southern Border Ports of Entry” is scheduled for 8amPST on September 20. 131 people RSVP’s on Facebook, saying they will be attending. A second event is scheduled for the Nogales-Mariposa Port of Entry, at 8amMST on September 20. Three people said they would be attending the Nogales event.

Even with few details, news of protest was covered yesterday in a Nogales outlet, saying that “City and federal law enforcement agencies say they are prepared for a potential protest Saturday morning at the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry by a group that hopes to block access to Mexico at U.S. land ports of entry.”

The article talked with Barth, who “confirmed that the DeConcini port would be one of 17 ports of entry along the southern border targeted by protesters and one of four in Arizona” and Rob Chupp, a protest organizer from Indiana, who “claimed that an unnamed federal law enforcement body had advised the group to avoid certain ports because of potential threats from the Islamic State in the Levant, the terrorist group known by the initials ISIS or ISIL.” Politifact already debunked that rumor.

The Nogales story also spoke with Lt. Carlos Jimenez of the Nogales Police Deparment:

If participants park near the DeConcini port and walk away, Jimenez said, their vehicles will likely be towed and impounded and their owners fined. If the vehicles are left on federal property, the Federal Protective Service will take charge, while NPD will address blockages on city streets. Guidelines from organizers advise protesters to keep their vehicles off of federal property.

While organizers claim that hundreds will attend the events border-wide, Jimenez said he expects the turnout to be modest and, despite NPD’s preparations, he expressed some doubt about the protest’s potential impact.

“They’re really disorganized and not really prepared,” he said of the organizers. “They don’t have a leader or point of contact in Arizona.”
“I don’t think a lot of those people want their car towed,” he added.

Whatever happens, Jimenez said, NPD is ready.

“We’re preparing for the worst, expecting the least,” he said.

Or in other words….