Group Promoting September 20 ‘Shut Down All Ports of Entry’ Event: Yeah, Good Luck With That

Sep 2, 2014
10:01 AM

A group with ties to Murrieta, California, that has 1,500 Facebook members is actively recruiting supporters via social media to organize a “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” along the US-Mexico border.


According to the group’s site, the attempt to close all these ports of entry will start at 8:00amPST on September 20. Here is why the group wants to do this:

We are but a small representation of Americans who are unsettled and deeply concerned with our current Administration, in all branches of Federal and State governments. Our mission is to Shut Down, every United States’ Port of Entry on the Southern Border, until our Goals are met.

By doing this, we will stop approximately 1.4 Billions dollars of trade, per day, from going into, and out of, Mexico and The United States of America.

This action will force the elected officials in The United States and Mexico, to come up with a permanent and legitimate solution for dealing with the Illegal Immigration issue, enforce our rule of law, and bring our Marine, Sgt. Tahmooressi, home. This protects all American citizens and those legal immigrants who wish to come here the legal way.

The Border Shut Down will remain in place, until our Goals are met, in writing, from both the United States and the Mexican governments.

The group also listed 10 “non-negotiable” demands:

​1. Immediately and unconditionally, release Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

2. Give the United States Border Patrol and ICE Agents back their authority to complete their job and defend the immigration laws of The United States.

3. A clear plan of action to permanently seal off our Southern border, by means of an electrified fence with razor wire (or similar equivalent) and adding any and all additional Border Patrol Agents and militarized National Guard members needed to further deter any unauthorized entry. The Southern border MUST be sealed.

4. Allow Border Patrol Officers and ICE Agents to detain and remove, any and all illegal aliens, especially including armed gang members, cartel members, and drug mules; overturning current procedure. End “catch and release”, permanently.

5. All foreign aid designated for Mexico is bookmarked for a plan of action to build up their middle class. All funding for countries supporting any terrorist organization (ie. ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Al Qaeda, etc.), is to be immediately halted and disbanded.

6. Mexico is held responsible for 50% of all of the costs associated with The United States’ processing and return of all illegal aliens, entering via the Mexican border with the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, temporary holding facilities, medical care, clothing, food, bathing essentials, transportation, etc.

7. All illegal aliens are to be deported immediately to their Country of origin. Their home country will be responsible for the remaining 50% of the costs associated with the processing and return of their citizens, as mentioned above.

8. Repeal the Trust Act and enforce all Federal Immigration Laws, ensuring there are no more Sanctuary Cities.

9. End all Federal and State Government financial, educational and medical assistance to all illegal aliens.

​10. Enforce current Federal Law, which prevents any person, group, business, organization or local government from harboring or hiring an illegal alien. Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime.

The group also published this:


The “Stasyi” mentioned in the call to action letter is Stasyi Barth, who is posting almost hourly updates on the group’s public Facebook group page. Barth lists her hometown as Murrieta, California. Yes, that Murrieta, California. Barth was also the one who posted this video a few days ago:

The “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” action sounds a lot like the August “Border Convoy” fiasco.

Do Barth and her supporters even know anything about facts? Maybe they should read an actual study? According to the Wilson Center, here are two factoids:

  • “Commerce between the United States and Mexico is one of the great—yet underappreciated—success stories of the global economy. In fact, in 2011 U.S.-Mexico goods and services trade probably reached the major milestone of one-half trillion dollars with virtually no recognition.”
  • “Tourism is another key economic driver for the region. Mexico is the number one foreign destination for U.S. tourists, and Mexican tourists comprise the second largest group of foreign visits to the United States each year.” In 2010, 13.47 Mexicans visited the United States and spent $8.7 billion.

Yeah, this should go well for the Murrieta folks. Let’s create a movement to actually stop the American economy. Makes sense. And if this is all about an Marine imprisoned in Mexico, the group should indeed read up some more about that as well.

But if you want to know more about this event, give the group at call at (844) 748-8767 or ask them questions here.