California Realtor Doesn’t Like Mexican Flag on Display: Pocho.Com Makes Sure Internet Won’t Forget It (VIDEO)

Sep 19, 2014
3:44 PM

UPDATE, September 24, 2014: According to, Tressy Capps is no longer with Coldwell Banker. Capps has also reached out to us to see if she can appear on our live radio show. She plans to join us this Sunday night at 10pmET. Capps said that she was not representing Coldwell Banker when she made the video.

In addition, Capps restored her video (original posted this August) on her own personal YouTube.

According to her channel, Capps said the whole thing turned into a positive: “Today while driving thru Ontario, Ca. on Benson Avenue I observed this giant mexican flag. I think the dialogue with the occupant went well despite the language barrier. UPDATE- They put up an American flag in compliance with the law. A peaceful and pleasant exchange resulted in a positive result. God Bless America and the American Flag.”


To our dearest friends at, we salute you for making sure this video of an Ontario, California, realtor (a local politician as well, see below) will forever be etched on the Internet. For the rest of the story and how got the attention of Coldwell Banker, go here.

BTW, the realtor in the video? Her name is Tressy Capps. She is running for Fontana City Council and this summer, Capps organized a protest in front of a Catholic church housing migrants families. LR ran a video of some protesters at that church in California, but it doesn’t appear that someone who looked liked Capps was in that particular video.