#USTired2: December 3 National Day of Peace for Mexico Now on Facebook

Nov 19, 2014
9:01 AM

This past Monday, our group tweeted the news about #USTired2, a new grassroots movement created by organizers to promote a series of December 3 in 43 U.S. cities for the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students. That tweet made the rounds, with over 300RTs in just a few days:

Many have tweeted us and others with questions about the rallies, intended to call more attention to Plan Mexico and U.S. Drug War policy. News of #USTired2 even made NBC News yesterday. Although we are not organizing the events, organizers are sending us updates. As of this morning, the group now has an official Facebook page and it is expected that an official USTired2 page will launch Friday. And it is very likely that a Twitter account will launch soon as well. USTired2 In addition, the #USTired2 hashtag is beginning to pick up steam, as people are beginning to use it not only for the December 3 events, but for a series of November 20 U.S. demonstrations to coincide with a national day of action in Mexico.