No, Pitbull Would Not Be a Republican

Feb 2, 2015
4:24 PM

It’s hard to follow in the awesomeness that is Adrian Carrasquillo’s magnum opus today: The Fight For Pitbull’s Political Soul. Rife with spot-on quotes, Carrasquillo gives a seemingly vapid subject the political scrutiny it deserves, as well as perhaps one of the greatest statements ever from Mr. 305 himself:

I’m not here to be part of any political party. I’m here to bring political parties to my party because they can’t, they won’t they never will, stop the Pitbull party, Dale!

While we agree on the important issues mentioned when it comes to the battle for Mr. Worldwide’s political endorsement, there’s a glaring omission one should consider when trying to peg down Pitbull’s partisan ideologies: climate change.

The artist, Mr. 305, released an album named Global Warming Meltdown in an effort to call attention to the issue.

pitbull GW meltdown_1

And how could he not? After all, the 305 area code, home to Miami-Dade county, would suffer catastrophically from the rising sea levels caused by climate change. Talk about a game changer. It’s no surprise none of the GOP strategists Carrasquillo interviewed mentioned climate change though, as much as they purport to court Latinos, the GOP conveniently continues to ignore the strong support for renewable energies and clean air/water we espouse.

At this point, it should come as no surprise that Latinos around the country are some of the strongest supporters of policies meant to combat climate change. As for Mr. 305, well, he said himself in a Rolling Stone interview, a Pitbull presidency would deal with climate change.

Need we say more? That solves de the question for me—Pitbull would definitely not be a Republican, unless they correct course about solving climate change. Everything is possible, right?

It may be called Ocean Drive, and Pitbull might like to “ir en balsa”, but I have a suspicion that he likes Miami better as is, not underwater.


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