ACLU Calls for Federal Investigation in Shooting Death of Antonio Zambrano-Montes

Feb 24, 2015
8:52 PM

Two days after Consejo Latino leaders in Pasco, Washington, met with Department of Justice officials in response to a letter they sent to the DOJ last week surrounding the shooting death of Antonio Zambrano Montes, the American Civil Liberties Union formally supported the civic group’s request for a federal investigation. Here is a copy of the letter the ACLU sent to Attorney General Holder:

ACLU Request for DOJ Investigation by Latino Rebels

News of the Sunday DOJ meeting in Pasco was confirmed by both Consejo Latino and the Department of Justice, according to emails sent to Latino Rebels, as well as tweets from Latino Rebels founder and publisher Julio Ricardo Varela:

In addition, the family of Zambrano-Montes have retained new counsel and have withdrawn their initial lawsuit claim:

Claim Withdrawal of Pascho Shooting Lawsuit

The following is a statement from the law firm representing the family:

Zambrano/Pasco Police Shooting
The HERRMANN SCHOLBE law firm confirms that it is the sole legal representative for the family of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, shot to death by Pasco police. We represent his widow, daughters, parents, and dependent minor siblings as well as the Personal Representative of his estate.
Charles Herrmann will lead our legal team in the pursuit of justice for this violent and senseless tragedy that has shocked the conscience of so many. We are now deeply engrossed in our own investigation, independent of the authorities, to prepare the case on behalf of the Zambrano family.
We intend to wage this battle appropriately within the judicial system rather than engaging in all manner of public accusations. Accordingly, we will not comment further on our findings until events become public as the legal process moves forward.