Puerto Rican Day Parade Terminates Relationship with NY Daily News

Jun 19, 2015
8:17 AM

UPDATE, June 20, 2015: The Daily News apologized via an editorial.

Last night, the Facebook page of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade (NPRDP) posted the following update about a photo the New York Daily News published on June 15:


This evening, we informed the NY Daily News that we have terminated our relationship, effective immediately, until the newspaper publishes a formal correction and apology for the misleading and false coverage of the Parade, on Page 8 of the June 15, 2015, edition. Journalism has the power to affect and touch many people’s lives. When false information is published and left un-rectified, others, who are not aware that the reporting was inaccurate, perceive misleading and erroneous news reporting as “truth”. The NY Daily News editorial team’s irresponsible actions, which can be deemed as yellow journalism, are damaging to our communities and to our Parade.

We are honored to work with partners who respect human dignity and who have the highest regard for the Puerto Rican and Latino community. We recognize everyone makes mistakes, and we work with partners who have the strength of character to recognize and correct them; particularly when those mistakes are damaging to families and communities. Since the Daily News has opted otherwise, we will no longer partner with them, now and in the future, until they take corrective action.

After the Facebook post was published, a June 18 letter from the chair of the NPRDP to the Daily News was made public online:

NPRDP June 18 Letter to NY Daily News by Latino Rebels

This morning, Latino Rebels emailed the Daily News for comment about the letter. As of this posting, the newspaper has yet to respond.

Supporters of the NPRPD who have been involved in demanding an apology from the Daily News applauded the move by the NPRPD board. Here is an excerpt of what PaPo Swiggity wrote today:

Did you know that Puerto Ricans are some of the most visible activists New York City has ever seen? In many different arenas but especially in journalism. You should already know that you can’t drown us out. Asi que, if you’re not ready to recognize that you have committed a big mistake to a large part of your readership,


In addition, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists has also gone on record this morning, asking that the Daily News apologize:

We are starting the #BastaNYDN hashtag. Let the Daily News know that respecting our culture, our ethnicity and good journalism is must if they want Latinos to consume their content. Let them know that you not only want an apology, but you want more Latinos in the editorial decision making roles so this doesn’t happen again.