Trump Supporter to Ramos: “Get Out of My Country!” (VIDEO)

Aug 26, 2015
2:26 AM

UPDATE: Jorge Ramos spoke with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos about Tuesday night’s fiasco on Good Morning America:

As a journalist you have to take a stand. I think the best journalism happens when you take a stand and when it comes to racism, discrimination, corruption, public life, dictatorship or human rights, as journalists, we are not only required but we are forced to take a stand and clearly when Mr. Trump is talking about immigration in an extreme way, we have to confront him and I think that’s what I did yesterday.



In case you were nowhere near Facebook or Twitter Tuesday night, Univisión’s Jorge Ramos got muscled out of a Donald Trump press conference in Iowa:

Just when we thought there was no more controversy to add, Univision posted footage of Ramos out in the hall at which time an apparent Trump supporter —whether he’s a staffer or security personnel was unknown at the time of this writing— clearly tells the Mexican-born (and U.S. citizen, by the way) journalist to “Get out of my country”:

Unidentified man: It’s not about you. Get out of my country! Get out! It’s not about you.

Ramos: I’m a U.S. citizen, too.

Unidentified man: Well, whatever. No. Univision? No. It’s not about you. You don’t have a right to do this.

Ramos: It’s about the United States.

Why do we get the uneasy feeling that this won’t affect Trump’s lead in the polls?