Jorge Ramos vs. Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Aug 25, 2015
8:51 PM

UPDATE: After his heated confrontation with Donald Trump, Jorge Ramos appeared on Univisión to describe what happened:

Ramos then discussed the encounter on his show:


Jorge Ramos, the Univisión news anchor who has been trying to interview Donald Trump for the past few weeks, was thrown out of a press conference  on Tuesday by The Donald himself:

Given what Trump has been saying about immigrants these days, “Go back to Univision” is probably one word off from what the GOP frontrunner really wanted to say.

Perhaps hearing that Trump didn’t mind his presence, Ramos returned to the press conference and was able to pose a few questions:

“So here’s the problem with your immigration plan: it’s full of empty promises,” Ramos told the billionaire. “You cannot deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. You cannot deny citizenship to the children born in this country.”

Trump objected to this last statement, leading to a bit of back and forth between the two.

“A lot of people think that’s not right, that an act of Congress can do it,” Trump said.

When Ramos asked him how he planned to build a 1,900-mile wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump said, “Easy: I’m a builder.”

“Can I tell you what’s more complicated?” Trump shot back. “What’s more complicated is building a building that’s 95 stories tall.”

On Monday Ramos spoke with CNN’s John Berman:

What he’s trying to sell the utopia he’s trying to sell to the American public simply doesn’t work. It’s impossible. He cannot deport 11 million people from this country. Can you imagine? … Let’s imagine how he’s going to deport 11 million people: By bus? By plane? Is he going to bring the Army to do that? Can you imagine the human rights violations that that would create? And then the expense: we’re talking about, according to an ICE estimate, about $12,500 per immigrant. So, is he willing to spend $137 billion dollars to deport 11 million people?

If it were anyone else, we’d say probably not. But there’s no telling what Trump might do once he puts his name on the White House in big gold letters.