Donald Trump Is So Extreme on Immigration, He Just Made Ted Cruz an ‘Amnesty Lover’

Jan 22, 2016
9:34 AM

Welcome to the GOP 2016 primary race, where up is down and down is up. The new Donald Trump campaign ad released today, called “Clear Difference,” went after Sen. Ted Cruz on immigration.

Mind you, even though many have spoken about Cruz’s changing positions, do people forget that the Canadian-born Cruz also presented this amendment to the Gang of Eight immigration bill in 2013?

But this is where we are at these days: when even Ted Cruz is seen by Trump as being “soft” on immigration. Maybe Trump’s supporters will just believe Trump because the dude’s last name is Cruz.

No, Trumpistas, Ted Cruz is just as extreme as the Donald.

Up is down and down is up.

And Latinos are watching all this and laughing at the GOP these days more and more.