Ileana ‘iLe’ Cabra Sheds Her Skin with ‘Caníbal’ (VIDEO)

Apr 1, 2016
11:00 AM


The long wait is over.

Ileana ‘iLe’ Cabra, former vocalist of Calle 13, releases her debut single “Caníbal,” from her highly anticipated album Ilevitable. The semi-animated video features a now full-grown PG-13 preparing a nutritious, to-die-for banquet. In it, she becomes part of the buffet as the main entreé, prepared with fresh organic ingredients, jewelry and body parts. Characterizing a black widow from the 1950’s, Ileana embraces a mature role, shedding her skin to present us a different angle of her musical persona.


The song features arrangements and keys by her brother Eduardo Cabra, formerly known as Visitante Calle 13 and acclaimed Argentine bassist Guillermo Vadala. The “Caníbal” music video was filmed in Argentina, directed by Juan Manuel Costa and produced by El Birque Animaciones. iLe conceptualized the video and was directly involved with the entire creative process. The song was co-produced by Ismael Cancel. Enjoy!

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