Watch Sen. McCain’s Incredibly Insensitive and Lame Answer About Deportations (VIDEO)

Mar 2, 2017
9:57 AM

Wednesday night on CNN, the son of Guadalupe García de Rayos had a chance to ask Senator John McCain a question about President Trump’s immigration enforcement policy. In the following video, McCain did nothing (like nothing) to distinguish why García de Rayos’ case is starkly different from say, people with more serious convictions. And let’s not ignore the fact that McCain did not show one ounce of compassion to a son whose mother was recently deported. Nada. Watch the response below. McCain might as well just have said, “Tough luck, kid.”

Here is what McCain said:

“Well, first of all, I believe that we have to understand that there’s a category of people in this country who were brought to this country as children and that was not their doing. They were brought to this country, and I think that those young people have a chance to become citizens. And I believe that we should deport anyone who’s committed a serious crime in the United States, and I do believe that when someone is killed as this individual’s son was, then that’s wrong. So we have to have comprehensive immigration reform, which gives people a path to citizenship but it’s a long, hard, tough path: pay back taxes, fines, get in line behind everybody else, but have an opportunity to become citizens of this country.”


Let’s review:

A son of an Arizona mom who got caught in a controversial racially-profiling work raids of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2008 and was convicted for criminal impersonation and who voluntarily checked with ICE every year asked about whether Trump’s deportation policy is unjust and the so-called Maverick of the Senate shows not one ounce of understanding? No mention of families being separated but stick to the notion that this is all about “serious crime?” Buy hey, immigrants are murderers, right?

McCain’s compassionate conservative take was an insult, and if this is the best voice in the GOP for sane talk about immigration reform right now, the game is already over.

Shame on McCain for not even taking a moment to console a son whose mom is no longer with him. For not speaking out against separating families.